Intermediate skills videos

With thanks to Kenton Arkill and the guys at Bristol UWHC

Basic Dummy Left: This is the first dummy everybody learns, but the tendency is for persons to come out of it not facing the direction they started in see video: The key is to bring the puk back into the opposition, 3 tiles is the maximum you should come off straight. As you straighten your arm it is harder for the opposition to get back access. See video

Basic Pass Right: A true dummy right is hard but a mini flick and chase suffices in most practical circumstances as the opposition believe you will go left as everybody else does. See video

Drive Through Left:  The first dummies are best if you can combine them with a change of pace, but often we break out against the opposition and end up 1:1 about 4m out and are going too fast to change our pace. The best way is to smash it legally through them! The first step to learning it is to bring the puk under you and reverse the way up of the stick to an ‘upper cut’ like form. You can then punch it (with the stick) 30 to 45 degrees either way. This takes practice and is almost useless if moving slowly(apologise for the possible foul, spotted the possibility afterwards) .  See video

Group: The Squeeze,

There are 4 parts to this exercise to build up the difficulty (see video The Squeeze Part 1 thought 4).

The concept is to keep going straight and this works very nicely. Swim in a straight line with a defender trying to chase you down. At the last second do a quick flic (believe me 2 feet can be plenty) part 1 Another player on your team catches up and gets the puk squeezing the defender out.  see video.

You can if you wish draw the player away from the line to give you more space/time and then flick back to the line, ( but it works fine without this) part 2 without opponents see video, part 3 with opponents see video

The beauty is IF you stay down after your flick and IF your other player is CLOSE enough the defender even if they get the puk and has nowhere to go and they have to turn into your team relatively weak sticked and you can drive through. Bingo your team scores.  see video

Club news

  1. No session 17/02/18

    February 20, 2015 - 12:21pm

    This is because the U12 and U14 players are playing in the regionals at Newport. The U16 are playing in a tournament at the Life Centre.

  2. Drake Foundation Grant

    February 20, 2015 - 12:20pm

    Over £900 for new equipment!

  3. Regionals Competition on 24/01/15

    October 28, 2013 - 2:32pm

    The tournament will be held in Newport. We will try enter enough teams so that everyone who wants to play can play. We will try to arrange a minibus.

  4. Junior session on 08/11/14 Is cancelled due to the adults being at a national tournament.

    October 28, 2013 - 2:24pm

    Good luck to PUHC A in division 2 and PUHC B playing in division 4.

  5. Time Change to 1700 to 1900 in our new home the dive pool.

    October 2, 2013 - 9:57pm

    Following the decision made in the recent AGM we are moving to the dive pool from 1700 to 1900. However we are subject to some changes. Please check our Facebook group for exact details

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